Darby Ram    Reputed to be one of
George Washington's favorite somgs
In the background  is
the poem "Rise and
Go" by Robert Louis
Stevenson", with  our
music. (2 min)
(Voice and dulcimer)
I Should Like to Rise and Go and
The Wind
Two poems from our collection of
Robert Louis Stevenson's "Child's
Garden of Verses" set to  our music
If I Should Pass...Words by my
John W. Haigis, Jr, Music by
Jan and John Haigis  (As
Jim Bludsoe...Words by John Hay,
Abraham Lincoln's Secretary...Music
by John and Jan Haigis.....(Hammer
Dulcimer and Voice)....
To Anacreon in Heaven...The drinking song
that became our National Anthem
See What Happens....Our music to Jim Struther's
delightful play "Twice Upon Twelve"
Winter...John on Hammer Dulcimer
These songs may be listened to and enjoyed but they are subject to our
copyright. Please
contact us for permission to use.
We feel most alive when we are making music .....here are some of our songs......
Let us know what you think
John and Jan Haigis
1006 Main Street
Darby, PA 19023
(610) 583-0788
The Lord's Prayer, our version
Bed by Day, Jan's lovely voice on
this R.L. Stevenson classic
Ozymandius , Shelley's 1817 classic
tribute to hubris set to our music
Folks on Other Side the Wave,
appeared as a broadside just prior to
the American Revolution warning the
British people they would have a
difficult pacifying the Americans
If by Rudyard Kipling
Over the Hills
and Far Away-
from The
Begger's Opera,
1724 by John
100 Flowers, written by John and Jan
Haigis for a commemoration of the 100
children who died each day in Iraq due to
malnutrition during the sanctions
The Day is Done.
Longfellow's words, our music
The Arrow and the
Song. "And the
song from
beginning to end, I
found again in the
heart of a friend"
words, our music
Virgin Slumber Song Jan's lovely voice  
Walking Fido
Earth care for dog
Pachalbel's Popgun
(our version with mountain dulcimer)
Song of the Soul Interview
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take a while to load
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Land of Nod. Narration and voice to
Robert Louis Stevensons classic poem
Darby Creek Valley
(Tune: Red River Valley)
Star Spangled Banner (see above)
Instrumental with Mountain Dulcimer
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