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After the Ball-
Commercial for DNA
All the Water.
Responsible Earth Stewardship
acknowledging that all the water there
ever was or ever will be already is
If I Should Pass Beyond That Misty
A piece we did settting my father's
poem to music
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A 60 sec piece for the Cobbs Creek
Community Environmental Education
Center using our song
"Urban Forest"
Residential Mold Services 60 sec.
William Penn's Thoughts on Creation
60 Second piece for the
Keystone Marker Trust
William Penn's Prayer for Philadelphia
Promo for OcTrolleyFest
60 Second Promo for 1000 Main Heritage
John Bartram song
Can we do one for you?
John and Jan Haigis
Past Times Present
(610) 583-0788.
The Versitile Mr. Doodle (and some of the tunes that
fit )
Picture above by Robert Stong Woodward
Collection of Turners Falls Library
The Hills of New England
We Have to Find a Better Way