Wall Street Beggar's Opera
A recasting of John Gay's classic set in
the modern day

Beggar's Opera was written in 1728 and was
a Ballad Opera, utilizing popular music of
the day to tell the story of a highwayman
named MacHeath, condemned to be
hanged, and two women (among many)
who love him.

Because the themes of love, greed, and
betrayal have never gone out of style, it is
now set on Wall Street and MacHeath is
now a stockbroker/venture capitalist under
investigation by the SEC

New Words and Arrangement
by Jan and John Haigis (c) 2012   
Past Times Present
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Production rights
available for modest cost.
Contact John Haigis for details
1006 Main Street
Darby PA 19023
(610) 583-0788
Opening Number - Cold and Raw (YouTube)
Other approaches to the music
A Russian company and the trio at the end

Same Company, Polly and Lucy duets

A lovely version of "In The Days of My Youth"

and another version