Seasonal Songs of Stewardship

Words by Jan and John Haigis

Joy to the World

Joy to the world
It’s up to us
To keep our planet cool
Let every heart
Prepare to do its part
And keep our water clean
And keep our planet green
And all do what we need to do

God gave us all
A world of grace
The nations must agree
We all must work together
To make our planet better
A garden place it’s true
Is up to me and you
To all do our part and what we’re called to do.

Angels We Have Heard on High

Garbage piling up so high
Pollution of our earth and sky
Water filled with toxic waste
Mankind with a crisis faced

This is our only planet
The future comes from what we do.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

The choice we have is very clear
And when the story is told
The future daily coming near
Out birthright should not be sold

To care for all of the gifts of earth
Keep our air and our water clean
Conserve and protect our legacy
Work to keep our planet green

Tune: Jingle Bells

A hundred years ago
The earth began to warm
Factories were built
Replacing field and farm
The air we all must breathe
Was choked with fumes from cars
Climate changing every day
That is the way things are
CO2, CO2, bringing climate change
We have to find a way to bring
It to a better range
Conserve the earth. Conserve the earth
It’s getting too darn hot
We have to deal with climate change
It’s the only world we’ve got.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

We are the people
Joyful and determined
Singing together
To help save our earth
Come now and join us
As we raise our voices
We need to work together
On our fragile planet
We need to work together
To help save our earth

Jan and John Haigis
1006 Main Street
Darby, PA 19023
(610) 809-4856
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