Now we gather at the table
Thanking God that we are able
Together now in love to sing
Thank you Lord for everything

For our Joys and for our sorrows
For today, and for tomorrows
For the hope that love can bring
Thank you Lord for everything

For the ones who went before us
Now a part of heaven's chorus
Together with us as we sing
Thank you Lord for everything

Jan and John Haigis (a long time ago)
Solstice Song

In this time of darkness,
The dying of the sun
Cold and night encroaching
It's not a lot of fun

The same was for the ancients
As night would swallow day
A time of deep misgiving
A time to be afraid

The prescient among them
Knew as the days flowed on
That light would be returning
And bring a warmer dawn

At the time of solstice
The time of longest night
The warm anticipation
Awaiting coming light

And so in compensation
People hunkered down
And waited for the springtime
They knew would come around

The time of Saturnalia
Of feasting, gifts and friends
The light of to all returning
The light that heaven sends

Then in AD 3-2-5
A large church Council met
It the city of Nicaea
The Canon there to set

The solstice celebration
they felt could be all right
The people now would celebrate
Birth of the Son of Light

And so we send our greetings
At the solstice of the sun
With Tiny Tim our prayer is
God bless us, every one

     John Haigis, 12/14/14
In the Moment Present

In the moment present
What are we to do?  
Where is it we're going?
Do we seek a thing that's true?

The now is just beginning
But it may have no end
We only have this moment
Neither foe nor friend

In the moment present
What is there to say?
In this time of mortal frame
Before we fade away?

We’re standing on the shifting,
Sliding sands of time
Conscious or unconscious?
Profane or sublime?

That seems to be our question
On our daily quest
How are we responding?
Do we seek the best?

We know that when we leave here
We all must go alone
Where is it we're going?
Are we going home?

I find I like to think so
That I am a part
Of that higher something
Each moment present starts
     John Haigis 12/14/14