People Who Decapitate

People who decapitate
While shouting out that "God is great"
May have greatly missed the point
Of what God is all about

The worship of the Deity
Humbly asking God's mercy
Implies a reciprocity
That we want done to us

If we are people of the book
Perhaps it's way past time to look
For the meaning of our God's command
That we shall not kill

So for those souls who murder free
And think they have immunity
Perhaps the God of parity
Will answer them in kind
                    John Haigis 9/5/14
Between Shark and Chum

Sometimes I'm the shark
Sometimes I'm the chum
I'm not sure there's much difference
When all is said and done

All of us have roles to play
The author writes the script
We all have pipers we must pay
From our cradle to our crypt

So what is the reason we do it?
What does it mean after all?
Is there a meaning to winter
After the beauty of fall?

Time and the world has its seasons.
Life has its sorrow and joy.
For the brief instant we're living
Are we but destiny's toy?

Spinning and whirling in motion
Playing the ball where it lies
Hitting the basket on rebound
scoring wins, losses, and ties

Then when the game is all over
Will there still be overtime
It depends on the referee's whistle
And the playbook obscure but sublime

                     John Haigis 9/6/14
Please Sing No Sad Songs for Me

Please sing no sad songs for me
The kind that makes folks cry
Be gentle with the "If only"
We all must someday die

A tear or two is not amiss,
A cleansing, healing cry
Although it seems I've gone away
I'm still with you nearby

The place from which we all have come
The place to which we go
The bookends to our sojourn here
The life we live below

Let memory be soft and sweet
Remembering the fun
The laughter that's we'd often share
We had a good long run

We'll meet again, someday, somewhere
This I do believe
In the meanwhile I will think of you
It was my time to leave

         John Haigis 9/6/143
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Thirteen Years On

It's now 9/11, 13 years on
So what have we learned from those years?
From multiple wars which are still going on?
From strategic stoking of fears?

Baghdad burning,
liberties spurning,
challenged earnings,
But the rich doing well

NSA Churning
ISIS learning
Opinions turning
Too complex to tell

A tragedy/murder on that sad day
Too many the lives that were lost
Some 5000 souls who are missing and gone
At an incalculable cost

But some think the response was a little too quick
As if the event was expected
The PATRIOT ACT was rammed through in a flash
After all, we must all be protected

And then in a flash we were off to the wars
In Afghanistan and then in Iraq
The reasons were murky and may have been lies
But it seems there was no going back

And now we are watching as the house of cards folds
And a new round of killing begins
And people once more are caught up in a war
And the Death Angel once more simply grins

                      John Haigis, 9/11/14
Tune: Daisy Bell

Crazy, crazy, here is a fact that's true
If we don't deal with climate change
As a species we all may be through
If we face a mass extinction
It will hit without distinction
We'll close the book
We'll all be cooked
So let's be mindful of what we do
                 John Haigis, 9/15/14