Does God ever get frustrated?

Does God ever get frustrated?
Ever get bored?
What do you do if you're Almighty Lord?
No plague of locusts
Or showers of frogs
Only the humdrum of tedious slogs

The sun as it rises, the sun as it sets
Where is the drama?
Is this as good as it gets?
Everything humming, just as it should
Does God look around and say, "OK, its good."

Maybe that's why we were fashioned at all.
We add the drama
We stumble and fall.

   Jan and John Haigis, 8/11/14
Karma Swirls

Karma swirls and karma flows
Through the years of "so it goes"
Reaping what we do and sow
On into the future

Or maybe sow is pronounced saow
A fit companion for the Tao
We'll try to muddle through somehow
On into the future

    John Haigis 7/27/14
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Past Times Present home
After Seeing the Movie "Lucy"

Went to see the movie "Lucy"
Concepts in it really juicy
Presented in a heady brew
Of who we are and what we do

At base we are a single cell
Which can divide if all is well
In a process ages long
As to time we all belong

Knowledge at a cellular base
Helps to make the human race
Billions of bits of an ancient song
Knowledge that we pass along

It's said that no one ever dies
Though we may wear a different guise
Something deep in us remembers
From big bang's burst to dying embers

Consciousness may not survive
Our ego in our time alive
But something deeper sticks and stays
An inner light from former days

Like the verse from Wordsworth's "Ode"
Deep in our genetic code
Lies the source of many a tome
Our source from God who is our home.

    John Haigis 8/8/14
You can be right, or you can be happy

You can be right, or you can be happy
It may sound trite or even a little bit sappy
But as a guide for "What to do?"
It's worth remembering because it may be true

We all have choices that we face each day
How to deal with things that come our way.
People happen, we have no magic wand
But we can choose how we respond.

It's the final freedom that we all possess
To chooses our attitude in the big fat mess.
Like the band still playing on the ship Titanic
We can take a stand amid the screams and panic.

The circumstances may not change
But they may all be rearranged
If we let go, take a larger view
There's no telling what may then be true.

    Jan and John Haigis 8/12/14
Robin Williams

Robin Williams left us
Now he is no more,
Staccato bursts of lunacy
Laughter bubbling pour.

A life time of depression
Covered up with mirth
We will all remember
His time here on this Earth

We'll wonder why he did it
Exiting stage left
We hope that he will find
A place of peace and rest

The laughter we'll remember
But maybe not the pain.
We all have our own journeys
The memories remain

John Haigis 8/12/14

You see it one way, I see another
I see my uncle, my mother sees her brother
It may depend on factors like just where we all are standing
What we perceive and our understanding
We all have opinions on how it all should be
The fact of the matter is we often don’t agree.

So how do we reconcile these divergent views
When the other’s clearly wrong, what then should we do?
How do we bring them round to our way of thinking?
When we’re at loggerheads, who should be blinking?
What methodology should we be using?
What ideology should we be choosing?

The fact is that our differences go back a long, long way,
Back to Cain and Abel in the ancient Bible days
And still today we ask ourselves “Why can’t we get along”?
The hatred and the wars persist, an old familiar song.
It is an old, old pattern that has led to many fights
The idea is quite persistent, that only one of us is right.

But what if both of us are right, based on what we know?
How can we then handle it? Which way can we go?
Should “live and let the other live” be more than just a phrase?
Can we somehow find a way to live in peaceful days?
Six blind men and the elephant all knew that they were right;
If they could grasp the bigger beast, there’d be no need to fight.

                                     John Haigis 8/10/14
After posting the poem "After seeing the movie “Lucy” (above....
the movie for me turned out to be a spiritual experience)  I said
that we only use 10% of our brain.  I was informed by a friend
(and subsequent research) that the 10% thing is a myth… Brain
mapping shows ALL areas of the functional brain firing… Exactly
how and why these neurons fire I believe remains largely a
mystery.  The brain is a marvelous creation and we really don't
know how it works… We’re learning but the brain’s ability to take
in, and process, stimuli in ways that help us survive, is literally

The Brain

An amazing thing is the human brain
It is always in motion and never the same
Synapses firing, computing, inspiring
And able to tell us to get out of the rain.

Its function is to help us survive
Assimilate data for the time we’re alive
Looking for danger, from an event or a stranger
And ignore the innocuous to help us to thrive.

It does this and we may not know it
Our breath without thinking may show it
The conscious we tap we find all over the map
And functions of left and right brain can be split.

The 10 percent thing is a fable
So let’s get that out on the table
But I think it is true, there is more we could do
Our capacity boost when we’re able.

But it may be that many will choose
To leave their brains in a bit of a snooze
It may be a zinger, but would explain Jerry Springer
And the things that we find to amuse

                    John Haigis, 8/9/14
Ants and Mice

I do not like to cause the death
Of anything that lives
But when it comes to ants and mice
I hope God will forgive.

They multiply so rapidly
I know I cannot win
But I can hope to hold them off
And hope it’s not a sin.

Trap and poison I will set
To rid me of their presence
The thought of their eradication
Fills me with tumescence

A hard-on for these hardy souls
And grudging admiration
I’ll do my best to rid myself
Of all such infestation

There’ll come a time I have no doubt
When I must answer for
All these fellow creatures
I have ushered through death’s door.

I know the 10 Commandments
Tells us we should not kill
But when it comes to ants and mice
If I can do, I will.

          John Haigis, 7/31/14


Artifact or the fact of art,
Where does one end and the other one start?
Human endeavor in the things we hold dear
Help mark our existence in the context of years.

From our beginnings in primordial ooze
Learning perspectives, learning to choose
Skills to express ourselves, skills to pass on
Culture, and knowledge, and beauty, and fun

Art reflects moments, reflects its time
Mirror to mirror, upward we climb
From the earliest daubing in the caves of Lascaux
To working with Photoshop, so on with the show.

How much is useful? How much is vain?
What is it good for? Is it a drain?
It might be just some decorative marks on a spear
But it says something human, it says we were here.

John Haigis, 8/3/14