Back Sliding

Whoops, Wham,and Whee
Anger runs rampant
A rough way to be.

Running resentments
Pissed off by the past
Where is forgiveness
While these snits last?

Our lives an adventure
The outcome not set
Except for the finale
And that's not here yet

We know that it's coming
Our time may be brief
Too precious and fragile
To waste it on grief

We know that our anger
And impotent rage
May be pretty futile
Like lines from a stage.

It may have its uses
If it spurs us to act
But often it's costly
And that's a sad fact

We're often like tigers
Pacing our cage  
Releasing frustration
In limited range

Seeking some comfort
A tantrum we'll throw
We need to discover
A new way to go

I wonder what's out there
Beyond all the bars?
What heavens could happen
Out beyond stars?

       John Haigis 1/13/15
Things Said and Heard

There are things that are said
And things that are heard
In the same conversation using all the same words
There's a message that's sent
And a message received
But there may be vast difference
In the message perceived
          John Haigis 1/6/15
Tune: Daisy Bell

Crazy, crazy, here is a fact that's true
If we don't deal with climate change
As a species we all may be through
If we face a mass extinction
It will hit without distinction
We'll close the book
We'll all be cooked
So let's be mindful of what we do
                   John Haigis, 9/15/14
The New Year

We gather to celebrate in the New Year
The time that we once knew is fading away
We're standing in an open door, between the
then and the now
Somewhere between laughter and tears

A minute times sixty we call an hour
An hour times twenty-four we call a day
Days turn into weeks, turn into months, turn
into years
All of it passing away

Each moment brings decisions and choices
Moments to use, or watch slide away
Eternity's long, our time here is short
What will eternity say?

A flash, a spark, a brief shining moment
Then a long languid slide into the past
Ongoing creation, the choices are ours
To find meaning and make choices last

So now as we celebrate in the New Year
Choose peace, love and joy to light up your
Choices, decisions, adventures await
So moment by moment cherish today

      Jan and John Haigis, 1/1/15

On YouTube
Our thinking drives all things we do,
In Life, and Love, and Business too

What we think is what we are
So Think, and reach out for the stars
         John Haigis, 1/12/15
The Winds of Fate - Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919)
(second and third stanza by John Haigis

One ship drives east and another drives west
With the selfsame winds that blow.
Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales
Which tells us the way to go.
Like the winds of the seas are the ways of fate,
As we voyage along through life:
Tis the set of a soul
That decides its goal,
And not the calm or the strife.

Calm and strife are the Yin and  the Yang
Just different ends of the string
Through a winnowing win
Or a letting go loss
Every “now” is a chance to begin
We may all fall too short
Or may not measure up
Or we may be too light on the scale
But the most high will know
What is deep in our hearts
And our thoughts, and will help us prevail

If we focus each day on the blessings of now
We will find many blessing to be
We get what we give and we are what we live
In the now flowing eternally
Its a game, its a quest, it's a trial, it's a test
It is simply this strange thing called life
It's a boon, it's a gift, if each other we lift
And find calm amid anger and strife

         Ella Wheeler Wilcox (first stanza)
         John Haigis (second and third stanzas 1/1/15)

Discernment is a process, a goal and a gift
It comes from the Latin “cerere”
A word that simply means “to sift”
A Yugo is not a Ferrari

A winnowing of chaff from wheat
The useful from the not
The worthy from the commonplace
The tepid from the hot

It may be more than just the price
Of the things we think have merit
The subtle feel of the things appeal
Like a stick and a string and a carrot

It draws us in all shiny and bright
And we think it will give our lives meaning
If only I could possess all that
My life would be positively gleaming

But then we find when we buy the thing
It does not bring the happiness sought
To our sorrow and woe, it is still status quo
And we find we are in the same spot

Sometimes happiness shows itself best in old clothes
Not a slave to the dictates of fashion
An out of date clunker still gets me where I want
Discernment helps me pick my passion
                  John Haigis, 12/24/14