Jan and I both enjoy words. These are some of our poems and lyrics which we share for
whatever resonance they may have. To republish, please contact us.
I come from a Place of Love

I come from a place of love,
To a place of love I go
In between time, in the meantime
I will simply enjoy the show

Our time is often short
As now becomes the then
But in truth the now is all we have
As the now begins again

We pass and leave our mark
Our memories collect
As moments are all gathered in
And our lenses we select

What was may be again
And what was not may be
The winds of Karma flowing on
Our role in what we see

For as we give we get
As we do, receive
There seems to be cause and effect
An ebb and flow perceived

And so I journey on
And live from day to day
I choose to do this thankfully
As time shows me the way

All journeys someday end
We’ll stand before the door
And trust the God of Providence
To love us as before

We come from a place of love,
To a place of love we'll  go
In between time, in the meantime
We can simply enjoy the show

        John Haigis, July 8, 2014
Thank You for the Things You Do
(Started at Lansdowne Meeting and then
set to

Thank you for the things you do
Thank you for the people who
Come into our lives and
For the gifts that friendship brings

Thank you for the day to day
Struggles that adorn our way which
Often make us stronger
As we live and learn and grow

Thank You, Thank You
For the gifts of all Creation
Thank You, Thank You
For the gift of days

Thank you for the second chance
Thank you for the cosmic dance
Thank you for the mysteries
That help us find our way

Thank you for ability
To think, feel, touch, taste, smell, and see
Thank you for the chance to sing
Thank you Lord for everything!

Thank You, Thank You
For the gift of all Creation
Thank You, Thank You
Thank You for today

John Haigis- July 2014
A song by Jan and John Haigis to the tune “In Amsterdam
there lived a Maid”

A ragtag bunch of colonists took arms against the King
To turn the whole world upside down, and hear their freedom ring
Some foreigners came from abroad to help us in the fight
To help us fight for liberty and help us do the right,

Kosciusko, Kosciusko, you didn’t know how the war would go
But still you came unto our shores to fight for liberty

Marquis de Lafayette, you had wealth and privilege and yet
A dream that you could not forget; a dream of liberty

Von Steubin, Von Steubin, our training was distoi’bin
But still you came to teach us how to fight for liberty.

Comte de Rochambeau, at Yorktown Cornwallis said “Oh No!”
You came from France with many troops to fight for liberty.

And now at last the war is won and yet the struggle’s just begun
We have to work to keep the dream, the dream of liberty.

-Jan and John Haigis, July 2014
"Wouldn’t Jesus drive a Prius?"
Tune: Clementine, or others of that
common meter (Yankee Doodle,
Amazing Grace, etc.)

Wouldn’t Jesus drive a Prius?
Or take a public transit bus?
Taking care of God’s Creation
Is taking care of all of us

Mankind started in the Garden
To dress and keep was our command
Multiply, subdue, replenish
Be good stewards of the land

We got the part about subduing
Because of our technology
It’s our own future that we’re screwing
Our own extinction we may see.

The Earth can get along without us
Just as it has done before
Like the dinosaurs before us
Mankind someday may be no more

Extremes of climate we are seeing
Both the colder and the hotter
It is likely that we all should
Learn how to walk on water

Icecap’s melting, seas are rising
Tornados tearing up the ground
There’s a reason climate’s changing
There’s no time to fool around

Earth has been through many stages
Sheets of ice have come and gone
Glaciers building and retreating
Cycles going on and on

Now we’re seeing massive build-ups,
Carbon gases, CO2
Have effects that we can measure
And we know what we must do

We must tend and keep our Garden
Tend the world that gave us birth
It’s the only world we have and
Our only home, this planet Earth

Wouldn’t Jesus drive a Prius?
Or take a public transit bus?
Taking care of God’s Creation
Is taking care of all of us
John Haigis, May 25, 2014
The Vacant Lots of Darby

The vacant lots of Darby
Not a lot to see
Once they held our story
And our legacy

Some buildings lost to fire
And some were lost to greed
For some their time had simply come
Others had no need

Their presence just an eyesore
Their maintenance a chore
We simply called the backhoe in
And POOF, they are no more

The memories and promise
Of our shared history
Are remembered now on vacant lots
Not a lot to see.

John Haigis 6/7/14
Thank you for the Inner Peace

Thank you for the inner peace, thank you for the inner beast,
That sometimes gets me all upset and causes me to roar…
Thank you for the calming word that helps me when I act absurd
And helps me center on the things that I am grateful for.

The life I lead has ups and downs, and twists and turns and bumps
I often stumble and even fall, ker-spalt, ka-wham, ka-thump
But I can get back up again and take my ready stance
To meet the next oncoming blow, in my karmic happy dance.

I think our lives are all mixed up, both with happy and with sad
The cosmic blender all a-swirl, the good mixed with the bad
It seems to be that thing called life, the Yin mixed with the Yang
Collecting the experience, here it comes again, ka-whang!

There’ll come a time when senses cease, the maelstrom stops a-churning
The great unknown, the great divide, the place of our returning
We may be called to make account, of how we lived our days
The ways in which we used our gifts, the songs we chose to raise.

So let us sing a cheerful song, and not a solemn dirge,
And choose a sprightly melody, our melancholy purge
There will be notes of sadness, set in a minor key
Modulating sweetly, as what will be, will be.

-John Haigis, June 6, 2014
The Usual Chowder

The usual chowder
is somehow not enough
This situation calls for more
I must learn to be tough

My usual dissembling
In this case will not do
I have capacity and mind
To think of something new

A new way of approaching
The problems of the past
To finally tame the chaos
And find myself at last

It's all a part of living
A journey day to day
If I can be forgiving
I may find a new way

The past is always with us
It brought us to the now
But it doesn't have to bind us
We can be free somehow

It's all a wondrous mixture
of good and bad and pain
And pleasure to remember
As each moment starts again

So this is then my portion
To write words on this page
Not the usual chowder
But the start of a new age

 John Haigis, 7/16/14
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Gratitude Attitude

Gratitude, attitude, willing, and why,
What are we doing here between earth and sky?
Words tell a story, actions do too
So what is our story? What should we do?

Philosophers differ but sometimes agree
That though we are separate, connected we be
In a marvelous network of joy, sense, and pain...
Perceiving and living, again and again

The energy bundle, the energy ball,
Ineffable everything, all over all
It all may be random, it all may be chance
But somehow I think there are steps to the dance

There are cycles and seasons and meter and rhyme
And tacit agreement on the sequence of time
There is the now, and then there’s the after
First is the joke, and then there’s the laughter

Unless they are right about quantum mechanics
In which case we face indeterminate panics
If all things are happening all at the same time
Do we first make the call, and then drop the dime?

Or maybe experience provides the succession.
First there’s the test, and then there’s the lesson.
                 John Haigis 6/8/14
Somewhere between tears and laughter

Somewhere between tears and laughter
Lives our happy ever after
Stories that we tell ourselves
To make some kind of sense

Searching for a synthesis
Amid the diverse dissonance
That rattles all our immanence
Of what we need to do

To life we are responsible
Though it oft seems quite impossible
Or even sometimes comical
That we are here at all

But here we are and here's our chance
To learn the steps of our own dance
And find the kind of music
That we want to hear played

With eternity for witness, we
Collect our share of memory
Discovering the things to be
The things we can create.

  John Haigis 7/29/14

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