Songs of Liberty, Loyalty, Libations, and Love
Recorded Live at Robinson House, Claymont Delaware
In "Geordy Parents" the word is native
toungue (not native sung)....
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Jan and I had a wonderful time singing
at t
he Robinson House ...It is a
wonderful place with lovely
people...THANK YOU
Our sound guy, Matt Martin, is a
maestro with a microphone.
by Jan and John Haigis, Past Times Present
The CD "Songs of Liberty,
Loyalty, Libations and Love"
tells the story of the American
Revolution  through the songs
of both sides, upon occasion
using the same tune. Needless
to say, Libations and Love
were common to both sides.
Join us as we explore our
musical past in song and story.
This is our version of John Barleycorn
from the CD