Having seen the harvest safely in
He's settled now for his winter's nap
While gathered loved ones, friends and kin
Contemplate the present gap
Which once the Pumpkin Carver filled
The gap is there for he is stilled
Though now in sorrow we are wrapped
Still joy and thankfulness abound
That his life and ours have overlapped
And love remains our common ground
We treasure all those earthly hours he wiled
As carver of pumpkins to an eager child
Jan Haigis
written on the occasion of the passing of her father-in-law
John W. Haigis, October 1988,whose chosen epitaph is
Here beneath the coldly chiseled name
Lies one unknown to universal fame
He was gentle, loving, warm and mild
Carver of pumpkins to an eager child
click here for a musical version
of a poem he wrote "
If I should pass"
(Music by
Jan and John Haigis)
A paper he wrote about the 1774
Colrain Resolves"...Precursor to the
Declaration of Independence.