New words to traditional songs by singer/songwriters John and Jan Haigis celebrate this special time of year (when we are all
ready for spring but spring is not quite ready for us). Groundhog Day marks the midpoint between the solstice and the equinox,
(40 days before, and 40 days after) and the light quality is changing, but the snow is falling, it is still cold,  and we are stuck once
more in the middle of winter and longing for spring.
(for practice)
The Hibernating Groundhog
(Tune: The Holly and the Ivy)
The Hibernating Groundhog
Makes a furry little ball
From his burrow deep beneath the snow
His tidings cheer us all
The warming of the sun,
in the flowing of the year
The seasons cycle in their course
Means that spring will soon be here
See you at noon.
Sample-Groundhog Sleeping Underground       (Tune "Angels We Have Heard On High")
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Heating Bills : (Tune "Jingle Bells")
A month or two ago,
The snow began to fall
The temperature went down
And I went up the wall
The furnace started in
To fight the winter's chill
And everything was fine
Until I got my heating bill

Heating Bills, Heating Bills
Soon will go away
Oh how we look forward to
The word of Groundhog Day
Heating Bills, Heating Bills
Soon will all be gone
Oh how much we miss the sight
Of flowers on the lawn
Because of Covid, we will not have our Free Carol Sing in City Hall, but will be holding a
special Zoom Groundhog Day Eve Concert Sunday, Jan 31
 - Contact us for details  here